Acumen Capital Partners' research group provides concise and timely disclosure and communication on junior oil and gas producers and small market cap growth companies. Acumen's research professionals possess the technical background and expertise to assess a Company’s fundamentals relative to its market value. As part of the process our research team evaluates issuers unique business models and assets relative to industry dynamics and the competitive landscape.


Recommendation Structure

Recommendation Structure      Buy        Spec Buy     Hold        Reduce Under Review Tender  Restricted Total
Number of Recommendations 32 7 2 0 0 0 0 41
% of Total Recommendations 78 17 5 0 0 0 0 100
Current January 1, 2019

Acumen research reports are simultaneously distributed to our advisors, clients and financial newsires via e-mail as soon as they are produced and approved for distribution.

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Research Contact Information

Research Team

Brian D. Pow, MBA - Vice President, Research (403) 571-0303 Email
Trevor Reynolds - Equity Research Analyst (403) 410-6842 Email
Nick Corcoran - Equity Research Analyst (403) 410-6840 Email
Jim Byrne - Equity Research Analyst (403) 571-0530 Email
Daniel Toft - Research Associate (403) 571-0319 Email