Private Clients

Acumen's Investment Advisors are committed to the success of our clients by providing advice and account management targeted to each client's specific personal financial goals. Acumen provides access to a full range of investment products and services to help each client identify and reach their financial goals and objectives. These include RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, mutual funds, bonds, new issues, derivative products, Canadian and U.S. equities. We offer this comprehensive range of investment products and services from an independent, integrity-driven platform.


Acumen Understands

Acumen understands that the aspirations of investors are dynamic, complex, and will only be met through a full range of investment products. Acumen provides full service investment capabilities to directly satisfy all financial objectives, including:


  • Access to all North American markets.
  • Portfolio management utilizing various investment vehicles that balance your needs for growth as well as income.
  • Nationally and internationally recognized research across all industries and economics.
  • Account types include: U.S. and Canadian Currencies, Cash Accounts, Margin Accounts, Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs), RRSP, RRIF, RESP, LLIF, Locked-In RRSP.
  • Our comprehensive investment product range includes: Canadian and U.S. equities from blue chip to speculative, margin trading, derivative products, mutual funds, fixed income.
  • Exclusive access to Acumen's industry and company research reports with a focus on junior oil and gas producers and small market cap growth companies.
  • Customized reporting and statements. Online capabilities to view accounts.
  • Exposure to new issues and venture capital opportunities through Acumen's Investment Banking group.


Your Accounts Are Protected

The Canadian securities industry has an insurance program in place called the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (“CIPF”). CIPF covers customer losses resulting from the insolvency of Member firms. Acumen Capital Finance Partners Limited is a Member firm. You pay no fees for this protection and coverage is automatic when you open an account with a dealer that is a Member of the Fund. CIPF covers both “general” and “separate” accounts of customers to a maximum of $1,000,000 each. A brochure describing the nature and limits of coverage is available upon request. Further details can also be found on the CIPF web site at

In addition, security of your assets is ensured at Acumen. Acumen has engaged National Bank Independent Network ("NBIN") to provide back office services to Acumen for custody, trading, clearing and settlement of transactions with you.  NBIN is owned by National Bank of Canada and is the leading supplier of back office brokerage services to the Canadian financial community. All securities for which you have paid are “segregated” by NBIN. This means that they are your property and cannot be used in the operations of the dealer. They are also not available to meet the claims of any creditors of the dealer. It is important to know that the securities industry is closely monitored and that all firms must adhere to the regulations concerning the segregation of securities. To monitor compliance with industry regulations, firms are subject to both regular and surprise audits along with annual audits by a public accounting firm.

Private Clients Contact Information

Retail Sales Team

Robert W. Laidlaw - Vice President - Director (403) 571-2522 Email
Sheldon Le L├Čevre - Director, Vice President Retail, Senior Investment Advisor (403) 571-0315 Email
Craig Madill - Senior Investment Advisor (403) 410-6018 Email
Donny Woo - Vice President Retail, Senior Investment Advisor (403) 571-2510 Email
Erin Williams - Investment Advisor Assistant (403) 571-2416 Email
Alan R. Tolg - Investment Advisor (403) 410-2042 Email
Arie Papernick - Papernick Advisory Group (647) 338-0038 Email
Jason D. Stefanuk - Investment Advisor (403) 571-2195 Email
Scott F. Barnett - Investment Advisor (403) 571-0532 Email
Grant Gowland - Investment Advisor (403) 441-0537 Email
Darren Fong - Investment Advisor (403) 441-2754 Email
Loredana Alaia - Associate Investment Advisor (403) 441-0536 Email
Leanne M. Bectold - Investment Advisor Assistant (403) 441-5672 Email
Diana Ilic - Investment Advisor Assistant (403) 571-0301 Email
Alec Balfour - Investment Advisor (403) 571-2505 Email
Darcia Siryjenko - Investment Advisor (403) 571-0306 Email
Ron Cairns - Investment Advisor (403) 410-2040 Email
Bob Zarchekoff - Vice President, Senior Investment Advisor (403) 571-2500 Email
Rod Zarchekoff - Investment Advisor (403) 571-2501 Email
Jane McKenna - Investment Advisor Assistant (403) 571-2502 Email
Curtis Schirrmacher - Investment Advisor (403) 571-0113 Email
Imran Mulji - Investment Advisor (403) 571-0112 Email