Institutional Sales

Acumen strives to discover promising small cap companies and make introductions of their management and business models to well suited institutional clients. With over 20 years experience covering Canadian and U.S. institutions, Acumen's sales group is committed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships, both with the companies that we follow and with our institutional clients.

Acumen's institutional coverage extends across Canada. Acumen has led or participated in a number of institutionally dominant transactions. The institutional sales group has been very active in putting the companies we follow in front of fund managers on a regular and timely basis through meetings and conference calls.

Acumen's solid research is being augmented by a knowledgeable sales presence, to ensure institutional players are fully aware of emerging ideas principally in the $40 million to $750 million market-cap company space.

Institutional Trading

Acumen has in-house trading experts who maintain regular contact with the trading desks of other investment dealers and the institutions that trade and hold shares of small market capitalization issuers followed by Acumen. 

Institutional Sales Contact Information

Institutional Sales & Trading Team

Brian Parker - President and Chief Executive Officer, Institutional Sales (403) 571-2514 Email
Robert Cooper - Vice President, Institutional Sales (403) 571-0324 Email
Jason Sawatzky - Institutional Sales (403) 571-0685 Email
David Waite - Vice President, Institutional Trading (403) 410-6730 Email
David Lovsin - Institutional Trading (403) 571-0318 Email
Crystal Bellefountaine - Associate (403) 571-0314 Email