Cairns Investment Management

Our Focus

I have been working with families in the management of their wealth for more than 25 years. My experience includes senior executive roles with financial service firms, both large public and small private companies.

At Acumen Capital Partners, Cairns Investment Management offers fee-based, portfolio management using highly-qualified professional money managers, usually accessible only by large institutions. Our focus is working with individuals and families who wish to preserve their capital, provide for tax-efficient growth and retain control over the management of their investment assets.


Our Process

Our first step is to align your investment objectives and the different time periods until your retirement, perhaps the purchase of a vacation property or education of the next generation along with growing your wealth.

The next step in building your portfolio is the most critical and often takes considerable time - determining your tolerance and capacity for risk in building a portfolio designed specifically for you and your family. Selecting investments from the vast number of opportunities available requires even the largest professional money management firms to specialize in an investment style, often confined to a specific region or country.

When one style is in favour, another may not be. Our approach selects a few, best-in-class professional money managers, each with a refined style and demonstrated expertise.

To ensure we completely understand your financial objectives and especially your willingness to accept risk, we detail our understanding in writing in an Investment Policy Statement to complete the process. Our disciplined approach measures performance frequently to ensure we stay on track in the accomplishment of your financial goals. Scheduled meetings, as frequently as quarterly if you prefer, provide the opportunity to review performance and ensure we keep up to date with any changes in your family's financial strategy. As an additional enhancement, we work with tax and legal professionals to investigate trust, estate and other financial planning opportunities.


Preserve Your Wealth, Achieve Your Goals

We invest only in individual stocks, bonds and alternative investments in your portfolio and all of your investments and cash are held in segregated accounts at our custodian, NBIN Inc., a subsidiary of National Bank. Account statements are sent to you by NBIN monthly if there has been activity in your account; otherwise quarterly. Additionally, you may access and view your portfolio online at any time.

Our fees, fully transparent, are based on the value of your portfolio and as a result, our interests are the same as yours - preserving and growing your assets.

I would be pleased to investigate the potential to work together in securing your family`s financial future so that you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of life.


About Ron Cairns

I joined Acumen in 2012 with more than 25 years of financial industry experience as an investment advisor as well as having worked in senior executive positions including Vice President and Senior Vice President at both large bank-owned and boutique wealth management firms.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, I began working with individuals and families in the preservation and tax-efficient growth of their wealth.

My experience and knowledge provides a seasoned platform for clients to ensure the achievement of their goals by matching their unique investment objectives with best-in-class financial products and advice.